Galvanize Review: Courses, Costs, And Outcomes

Galvanize Bootcamp Review–Courses, Costs, And Outcomes 

Galvanize provides comprehensive software engineering training courses at eight sites around the US and online. In 2018, the university bought Hack Reactor and incorporated its software engineering curriculum.

Over 10,000 people have completed Galvanize’s Bootcamps, career development programs, and workplace training initiatives. Graduates have worked extensively with organizations like Google, Tesla, IBM, Tesla, and Amazon. This well-known coding school’s offerings and student achievement are thoroughly examined and presented below. 

About Galvanize 

A variety of web-based software engineering degrees are available through Galvanize, a co-working facility and programming Bootcamp. Students participating in Galvanize programs will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and practical experience required to thrive in any workplace. Over 7,000 individuals have benefited from Galvanize’s online and physical boot camp programs to enter the technology industry. The caliber of instruction and the support provided to students are praised in Galvanize reviews.

Galvanize offers loans, upfront payments, dividend payments, military benefits, and scholarship payment possibilities. Additionally, there are a number of Galvanize grants, with the institution giving full scholarships to a number of students within each cohort. 

According to the company’s official website, the remarkable 67 percent employment placement rate for Galvanize is competitive. The 12-week intensive bootcamps offered by Galvanize with the Hack Reactor label are intended for students who want to start or develop their tech professions. Coding beginners can prepare for these programs by enrolling in Galvanize Bootcamp preparation sessions.

Galvanize is a technological cluster made up of students, business people, and companies with the goal of transforming people’s lives and communities via quality education. Many types of professionals who want to have an effect on their community live on its campuses.

Courses Offered At Galvanize 

Galvanize offers several full-time, part-time, and preparation courses. Many alumni who took these courses were able to shorten the length of their job searches and land jobs in the tech sectors of data science, software development, and software engineering.

Data Science – Online | In-Person

You will enroll in a variety of data science-related courses at the Galvanize data scientists Bootcamp. There are various schedules available, including full-time as well as part-time schedules, as well as online and on-site options for this program. This Python-based curriculum teaches you the principles of data science, as well as the program, which is completed with a capstone project.

Online Hacking | Software Engineering 

This software engineering Bootcamp, which Reactor runs at Galvanize, combines the greatest aspects of the two bootcamps. Mid-level programmers who are curious to learn the foundations of computer engineering and also full-stack JavaScript programming should take this course. You have the option of enrolling in this course full- or part-time, online or on-site.

Online Professional Development

Galvanize’s career development program is the most recent addition to the vast Bootcamp program. Software engineers can use this program to help them in their careers. Although the program consists of 10 courses, students can choose to register in any combination of the ten courses or just the topics they are interested in.

Application Process Of Galvanize 

 Galvanize doesn’t make its acceptance rates publicly available. However, it does imply that compared to other schools of a similar nature, it is intended to be a simpler institution to enroll in. Your prospects of being accepted can always be increased by adequately preparing for the registration process.

 The Application Process

Although it does differ between the software engineering program and the information science program, Galvanize application procedure is quite straightforward.

You need to start by submitting an online application. This process is quite simple if you are aware of the program you wish to apply to.

It is advised that you engage in the appropriate review course for your selected program after submitting your application. You may skip the step if you don’t think it’s necessary.

Following the receipt of your application, you shall be requested to fill an online programming challenge. Your preferred software is correlated with the coding difficulty.

Depending on the subject you have selected, this step may be different. You must successfully pass a technical assessment, either in-person or over a video chat if you are enrolling in the data science program. 

To ascertain your degree of proficiency, you will need to pass an online technical admission assessment if you are enrolling in the computer engineering program.

You’ll then find out if you’ve been approved, and if so, you can start working on the pre-course assignments. Unfortunately, the software engineering program doesn’t offer a lot of pre-course work; the data science program does.

Cost Of Galvanize Courses 

Galvanize has full-time online and on-campus programs that cost $17,980. Programs that are part-time may be less expensive. In order to reserve their spot in the program after being approved, students must also pay a $2,000 deposit. Other elements like grants and loans may affect the overall amount of tuition you wind up paying.

Payment Methods For Galvanize Bootcamp 

Students can choose from a number of financing alternatives at Galvanize. Scholarships, mortgages, and income-sharing arrangements are among them. For more information about financing your coding Bootcamp, continue reading.

Scholarships For qualified students: The coding Bootcamp offers a number of scholarships. One such scholarship is called the ‘We Stand Together Scholarship’, which provides funding to marginalized groups in the computer industry. This scholarship covers the entire tuition fee.

Applying for the Galvanize Scholarship is another option. For this program, only US citizens and legal residents are eligible to apply. However, you can apply if you were accepted to the Hack Reactor or Galvanize Data Science Immersive programs.

In today’s coding bootcamps, ISAs (Income Share Agreements), it is extremely widespread. When they find a job earning about $40,000 annually, students have the option of deferring tuition and paying in installments. Galvanize boasts that its revenue share contract is among the best in the business.

After graduating, students contribute a monthly amount of their money to the Bootcamp. In case you lose your job, you won’t have to pay until you find another employment that pays more.

Loan Financing: To provide students with low-interest loans, Galvanize collaborates with Ascent and Climb Credit. The loans may be used to pay for living costs or education costs. Even though the repayment options vary, they provide you enough time to complete the payments following the course.


In order to get admission to Galvanize, students must pay a $2,000 deposit as soon as they accept their enrollment. Then, before the start of the semester, the remaining tuition must be paid. Unfortunately, there isn’t any alternative payment schedule available for this Bootcamp.

How To Prepare For Galvanize 

If you’re taking a coding Bootcamp for the first time, you might wish to familiarize yourself with the Bootcamp or programming seminars. The preparatory classes that Galvanize offers are listed below.

Python Fundamentals: Galvanize provides a basic course in Python fundamentals for new programmers and web developers. Only live online versions of this course are available, and it takes 2.5 weeks to finish. You will become familiar with Python’s foundational concepts and applications in this course. The price of tuition varies depending on where you live.

Data Science Prep Course – There are two variants of this course available: a free and a paid edition. The self-paced, basic course teaches you how to code for no cost, whereas the live-remote, premier prep program costs $495. Both versions are made to get you ready for Galvanize’s entire data science program.

Software Engineering Prep Course: The software development prep course is also available in a basic, self-paced, free edition as well as a professional, live-remote, $250 version. This course aids in preparing you for Galvanize’s entire software engineering curriculum.

Is It Worth It? 

A great alternative to conventional educational techniques like colleges and universities is Galvanize. For many individuals, enrolling in a programming Bootcamp is an excellent way to begin a career in technology.

Galvanize is a great choice for you if you are interested in a career in computer science or software engineering. However, you might want to consider various other possibilities if you’re thinking of working in a different sector.

Boost Job Placement

Despite the fact that job placement rates differ depending on the campus visit, Galvanize has a very high success rate. Currently, after 180 days of graduating, 79.44 percent of graduates in software engineering and 67.95 percent in data science found employment.

Galvanize offers a 100% job placement record for software degree holders and an 83.33% rate for data science grads in Phoenix, the most successful campus. Seattle and other remote campuses are the least successful, with less spectacular rates of job placement of 66.67% and 60%, respectively.

Does Galvanize Guarantee a Job?

Unfortunately, none of Galvanize’s courses presently come with an employment guarantee.

The Final Verdict 

Galvanize is one of the US’s most well-known and quickly-expanding programming bootcamps. This Bootcamp is committed to assisting students in succeeding and offers immersive programs at many various locations, including online.

Applying to Galvanize will be a wise move to help launch your career if you are interested in a job in data science, software development, or something linked to these. Overall, this is among the best bootcamps for aspiring software engineers and data scientists.

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