General Assembly Review: Costs, Courses, and Career Prospects

General Assembly Bootcamp Review–Costs, Courses, and Career Prospects 

By providing full-time intensive programs, long-form courses, as well as courses and tutorials on the most important 21st-century skills, General Assembly is building a worldwide community of people who are empowered to pursue the career they love. General Assembly offers Web design, UX design, business foundations, data science, corporate development, online marketing, and more. 

General Assembly is an academic institution that evolves thinkers and makers through education in technology, design, and business at more than 25 campuses across multiple continents. It was founded early in 2011 as an inventive community in New York City for startups and entrepreneurs. 

An online application must be submitted in order to be considered for an immersive boot camp, after which a General Assembly admission representative will assess the applicant’s background and career objectives. After that, applicants take an admissions test to determine whether they are ready for the rigorous program. A student’s position will be reserved once they have been approved and have made a down payment.

Career advisors from the General Assembly engage with students to develop their career paths, enhance technical interviewing abilities, and establish personal brands.

Graduates can engage with hiring managers at recruiting events provided by GA. The careers department collaborates with businesses to design new courses, place recent graduates, and assist businesses in staying competitive in this modern digital environment. In addition, the General Assembly has committed to a stream of diverse talent by combining a teaching strategy with employment opportunities along with quality education.

Courses Available At General Assembly 

There are more than ten different programs for both full-time and part-time schooling in the General Assembly courses. Courses for software engineering, digital marketing, data science, and user experience (UX) designing are all available from General Assembly in-person or online. 

Depending on the subject and length, General Assembly programs can cost anywhere from $3,000 and $15,000. Learn to Code is another free online course that individuals can access if they are novices. However, beginner, intermediate, and experienced programmers can all benefit from General Assembly.

On-Demand Courses At General Assembly 

Try an on-demand course if you just want to work on your own schedule and save money on tuition. For example, you may learn the fundamentals of technology through General Assembly’s bootcamps, which only cost $950.

Learn Coding: Complete beginners who wish to understand the fundamentals of coding should take this course. You’ll learn CSS, HTML, and JavaScript coding in no time, thanks to our fully free course.

Data Analytics Course: This course may be ideal for you if you would like to start studying data analysis. You have the flexibility to learn at your own speed while working from home.

Digital advertising: You will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing through this course. You will learn the basics of digital marketing and how to implement digital strategies in this course. It’s ideal for those who need a review or are just getting started.

UI/UX design. This UX design program is beneficial for independent designers because it expands your skill set. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of UX design, you will learn everything from the research process to graphic design.

Types Of Programs 

Students can enroll in the Full-Time and Part-Time programs offered by General Assembly online or in person. 

Students enrolled in these programs have access to special networking opportunities, one-on-one or team meetings with professional advisers, and more.

Job Placement Rate 

For individuals who recently achieved the career services program, the General Assembly career placement percentage is 99 percent. The best approach to finding a job in technology, whether it be data analytics, software engineering, or digital marketing, is to use General Assembly career services. You may easily succeed in the program with the help of the free coding course and General Assembly prep course.

Thanks to General Assembly, you can get a job at Amazon, IBM, Facebook, or even Microsoft. In addition, students frequently choose to pursue careers in engineering, business development, information technology, and art and design. The courses at General Assembly encompass networking in the industry, job search tactics, and career coaching.

How To Prepare For General Assembly Interview 

You can practice a variety of coding Bootcamp interview questions throughout the phone interview and the coding interview. To boost your confidence, try role-playing an interview with an acquaintance. The majority of the following subjects will be covered.

  • Your knowledge of coding
  • Your earlier coding initiatives
  • Your attitudes regarding programming
  • your desired careers
  • Your achievements in programming

Pros And Cons Of General Assembly 

The Pros 

It Is Versatile And Flexible 

The versatile platform of the General Assembly stands out in a sea of one-size-fits-all coding schools. Once more, GA students have the option of:

Immersive experiences in the Bootcamp (either in-person or online).

For the self-pacers out there, there are part-time courses (again with in-person and online alternatives) and on-demand online options.

General Assembly has a tier for you, whatever your preferred learning method, time constraints, and learning objectives are.

To a point, yes, the model of the General Assembly IS flexible. 

Its Courses Are Well-Structured 

It’s nice to have the freedom to decide whether you want to study in person, online, full-time, part-time, or at your own speed, but flexibility can occasionally have a drawback—a lack of stability.

When comparing Udemy to a coding school, there is a lack of organization as one of its flaws. There are many class options on self-paced platforms like Udemy, but there isn’t a unifying theme to develop a compelling “this is how you obtain a job with such talents” narrative.

Lack of organization in the General Assembly ISN’T a concern. No matter which GA tier you choose to enroll in, the classes adhere to a clear framework, structure, and syllabus that is intended to represent the General Assembly brand as a whole.

The Courses Are Developed In-House 

Contrary to online coding institutions that compile their course materials from various sources, General Assembly’s course materials are original and updated on a regular basis.

 Some virtual education sites, such as Udemy, edX, and Coursera, function as a curriculum repository by hosting courses created by private users (in the case of Udemy) and university courses (in the case of edX and Coursera). Fresh courses are offered to you via these models. However, over time (especially with a subject like coding that is continually growing), even the most recent courses reach their expiration dates.

Yes, sites that manage third-party curricula will make an effort to keep things current over time. Still, with this model, it’s merely more hit or miss to ensure you’re getting the greatest, most current course material than with an institution like General Assembly.

The technical content should always be relevant and up to date when you take a General Assembly program because the organization develops its own internally updated curriculum. But, of course, having the most recent curriculum does not guarantee that it is the greatest curriculum for you. Additionally, a significant influence is the caliber of the educator delivering the material to you.

The Cons 

It’s Expensive 

The concept of learning to program with the General Assembly may seem appealing so far. However, it’s time to check their prices right now. The cost of the General Assembly is:

  • $14,950 for full-time classes taken on campus
  • The full-time, online software engineering course costs $13,950.
  • $3,950 for courses taken part-time (on campus or online)
  • Online courses on demand cost $1,250.

That is a considerable financial commitment for most of us. Remember that enrolling in a full-time course with General Assembly (on campus or online) implies you won’t be able to work full-time during the course, which means you’ll also be responsible for your living expenses.

 Of course, the skills you’ll learn to have the possibility to pay for themselves over time, but (especially when it comes to coding schools) there are far more affordable alternatives that will tutor you with the very same expertise in an equally efficient manner.

The Tutors Can Make Or Break The Experience For You 

You will spend a LOT of time hearing the course teachers if you enroll in a General Assembly course, especially one of the full-time ones. And that could be fantastic or not so fantastic.

Obviously, this isn’t a General Assembly-specific problem. Instead, It’s just a characteristic of every instructor-led learning environment. But if you’re contemplating learning to Code with the General Assembly, that is something to consider.

Again, if you’re considering GA, pay attention to that last sentence. Before you click the checkout button:

  • Do your homework on the course materials.
  • Research as much as you can about the listed teachers.
  • Be sure to ask an admissions counselor any questions you may have.

Is General Assembly For You? 

If you want to enhance your programming skills, General Assembly is the place for you. Although admission to this programming school can be challenging, the benefits are worthwhile. You could indeed make General Assembly work for you because there are courses and programs available for almost everyone.

You can find your dream career after just 10 to 12 weeks of schooling. Furthermore, you can be one of the General Assembly’s graduates with a high rate of job placement. In addition, General Assembly has a program for you if you have a love for a career in technology.

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