Nucamp Review: What You Need To Know Before Signing Up

Nucamp Bootcamp Review–What You Need To Know Before Signing Up 

In more than 170 cities across the nation, Nucamp provides coding training in front-end, full-stack web development, as well as mobile app development.

Ludovic Fourrage, the creator of Nucamp, oversaw Microsoft’s development of online learning for 18 years. After quitting Microsoft, he set out to create an accessible means for students to acquire the knowledge required to work in the software development industry.

The coding bootcamps given by Nucamp are all available on a part-time basis. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Bootcamp service also currently provides all of its hybrid bootcamps online. Throughout the week, students study alone for a couple of hours daily, and they have assignments that need to be submitted by Friday for assessment. Every Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the instructor conducts a video conference.

Graduates get personalized career counseling and have access to a special employment board. Employers can post employment openings on its website, and Nucamp maintains contact with over 1,000 businesses. In addition, career coaches offer advice to assist students in improving their portfolios and GitHub profiles as well as interview preparation.

Graduates of bootcamps can take a professional development course that will prepare them for a new IT career. Additionally, graduates are invited to join a LinkedIn alumni association and earn a free trial of LinkedIn Premium.

The Application Process Of Nucamp 

Nucamp doesn’t have admission requirements since it thinks everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to code. According to user testimonials and feedback, Nucamp’s admissions procedure is generally a good one. You will receive notification of your enrollment within seven days, but you must initially pay the program price.

Nucamp’s programs are accessible to novices, and eligibility does not depend on past expertise. Also absent is the interviewing procedure.

How should you get ready for your Nucamp interview? The majority of reviewers claim that Nucamp’s admissions procedure is an experience. Reviewers also mentioned how quickly they received a decision after completing the Nucamp screening procedure.

Registration Process At Nucamp 

One of the easiest registration procedures for students is offered by Nucamp.

  • Analyze your professional objectives, years of expertise, and course options first. Select the appropriate choice to avoid falling behind.
  • Next, choose your course, the location, and the start time.
  • The next step is to select your payment schedule and make a deposit. The complete tuition will be due if you choose the upfront payment option. You will need to cast aside a $100 deposit if you decide to implement an FSA.
  • To use Nucamp’s FSA option, individuals must be eligible. This entails deciding on your preferred repayment plan and submitting a loan application to Climb Credit.

How Much Does Nucamp Cost? 

Web Development Principles, its first course, costs $. The Front-End Web, as well as Mobile Development or Full-Stack Web Development, advanced courses at Nucamp, cost $1,480 and $1,880, respectively.

Nucamp Payment Options: Cash, Scholarships, and Flexible Spending Accounts

Choosing how to finance coding bootcamps might be difficult. Compared to other training courses, Nucamp students have fewer payment alternatives, but there are still choices.

Payment in Advance

The most economical way, if you are capable of it, is to deposit the complete tuition at the time of registration. The cost of the beginner’s course is $349. If you sign up for the most challenging course, the cost is $1,880.


Fair student agreements are referred to as FSAs. This approach is exclusive to Nucamp and functions similarly to an Income Share Agreement (ISA) without the crippling student loan burden. The Nucamp would never charge people more than $2,300, despite the course or the interest rates.


If you require additional financial support, Nucamp also provides a range of scholarships. Veterans and present military personnel can get between $50 and $376 in tuition assistance through the Warrior Rising Scholarship. Additionally, the ReSkill America Scholarship provides COVID-19 survivors with comparable tuition savings. Tuition discounts are available for students graduating and those with low credit ratings through the “Nu You” award and the grant for high school graduates.

Nucamp Locations

Nucamp is in a lot of locales, which is one of its best features. Along with online choices, Nucamp offers schools all throughout the United States. Locate the closest Bootcamp using their website.

It is significant to observe that the same content is presented everywhere, which is a benefit of having only three courses.

Nucamp Training

Nucamp only provides three courses, but they are all worthwhile. Whether you are a total newbie with no coding knowledge or an experienced expert seeking a refresher, these courses can work for you.

Web Development Fundamentals: Online | In-Person

Web Programming Fundamentals, regarded as Nucamp’s introductory course, aims to introduce students to coding and train them about web development. This four-week course aids in laying the groundwork for upcoming coding training and a career in technology. The languages of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are highly stressed.

Intermediate Front-End Web & Mobile Development 

The intermediate level of the Front-End Web and or Mobile Development course at Nucamp is offered both in-person and online. Front-end programming is the main emphasis of the instruction. This 17-week course will focus on employing imagination to develop a pleasing user interface.

Online | In-Person Full-Stack Web and or Mobile Development

The most complex course that Nucamp offers is Full-Stack Web and or Mobile Development. Expanding on lessons in the front-end web and mobile development training, this course lasts 22 weeks. It covers how to create websites and apps from scratch as well as full-stack web development.

Schedule for Nucamp: What to Expect

Both the on-site and online Nucamp sessions will operate on the same schedule. However, COVID-19 has limited Nucamp’s current course offerings to distance learning.

The flexibility of Nucamp is intended for students. As a result, it has created a special schedule. You can work on the internet whenever you want from Sunday through Friday. You’ll watch video lectures, complete assignments, and tests, and devote one to three hours to studying. In addition, you will participate in a four-hour session on Saturdays where you can concentrate on your resume with other students.

Except for the Saturday sessions, the online program has the same structure. The only distinction is that these courses are conducted remotely in real-time. This is the only choice available for Nucamp programs at the moment.

Nucamp Career Prospects 

According to Nucamp, three months after graduating from Bootcamp, its graduates have an average employment rate of 78%. However, because of the part-time nature of these programs, many individuals decide to continue working while enrolled.

The other two pieces of training teach all the skills required to pursue careers in web development. However, the Web Development Fundamentals course does not. Graduates typically begin their careers as junior web developers at established businesses or in startups. They may also choose to work independently as independent contractors.

A Few Student Reviews

Take a look at what other students have to say about Nucamp. 

I decided to enroll in Nucamp’s coding school in order to test my interest in coding. Another schooling is not appropriate for me because I work full-time and overtime; 2-3 hours online through the week and one in-person day on the weekend is sufficient. The study is definitely worth the cost. I enrolled in the more comprehensive Bootcamp because I found the beginner Bootcamp so enjoyable. A few students gave up in the middle. However, I can’t help but believe that they found it worthwhile; even if it weren’t for me, I still would have. Knowledge is preferable to the alternative.

Rebecca, 15 January 2020 

I attempted a couple of online courses on udemy in an attempt to teach myself how to code (for at least three months). Even though I got off to a good start in each one, I frequently became stuck and required assistance. A part-time camp would close the gap, I knew. I began with Web Fundamentals because I’m a newbie; our instructor was incredibly educated. The live workshops held me responsible and inspired me to keep going. I am eager to enroll in the Front End course that Nucamp is offering. The Web Fundamentals class might have used an extra week or two to concentrate on one or two additional assignments that would have helped solidify the principles taught.

Frank, 20 April 2020

Before enrolling in Nucamp, I considered other Bootcamp programs. However, the majority of other options are significantly more expensive and require considerable time and financial commitments. I like the 4-week Nucamp Web Fundamentals course, and following this experience, I’ll probably continue with the Full Stack Developer course (a 22-week commitment). The course is laid out, so you can work a typical 9 to 5 job and use your free time to study or code in order to get ready for the instructor-hosted Saturday 5 hours meet-up. Despite the interruptions that life threw at me, the structure worked well for me. 

Rob, 3 June 2020  

Is Nucamp For You?

Nucamp is one of the most renowned and practical coding bootcamps available. You’ll gain access to a site because there are campuses spread out over the country, in both large cities and little communities. Of course, you could also select the online version and study at home.

Although there are just a few courses available at this coding school, it might be the ideal fit if you want to work in web development.

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