Springboard Reviews: Things You Need To Know Before Enrolling?

Springboard Bootcamp Review–What You Need To Know Before Enrolling 

If you want to pursue web development and coding, you must have heard about online programs and bootcamps. These short and intense programs are sometimes even better than 4-year degree programs. 

We’ll review Springboard Bootcamp and what you should know before enrolling. 

What Is Springboard? 

Springboard is a web-based learning platform that offers comprehensive, tutor-led programs in software development, data science, UI/UX design, IT security, tech sales, as well as other fields to train students for the most demanded positions in the technology industry. Each Springboard course lasts an average of 6 to 9 months and is entirely online, distant, and self-paced. Working individuals who are prepared to advance their careers or make significant career changes can turn to Springboard for assistance, coaching, and encouragement. Students get access to a special network of business advisors, creative thinkers, and alumni who are available to provide advice, chances for networking, and help both during the program and after graduation. In addition, each Springboard participant is assigned an individual student counselor and professional mentor who works with them regularly through video calls to provide guidance.

What To Expect At Springboard 

The following ten steps make up the working procedure for the online courses offered at Springboard:

  • The admissions procedure is started after the student selects an online course. More on that below.
  • Mentors are linked with accepted students.
  • The pupils participate in the online curriculum.
  • Students create both modest and substantial capstone projects.
  • Mentors comment on the student’s work.
  • Supervisors and students discuss weekly learning objectives.
  • The last project is completed.
  • Certification and graduation
  • Students begin searching for a job.
  • Students are eligible for a complete refund if they are unable to find employment within six months.

The Application Process At Springboard 

There are three steps in the Springboard application procedure. Fill out an application form first, and submit it. There is no cost involved, and it only takes a few minutes. When your application is approved, you will meet with a faculty representative for an interview. A skill survey will be the last step of the process.

What kind of preparation do you conduct for the Springboard interview procedure? The majority of user evaluations claim that Springboard’s admissions procedure is an experience. Reviewers also mentioned how quickly they received a decision after finishing the Springboard interview process.

Is Springboard For You? 

Candidates who are studying STEM courses and are from the U.S., Canada, or India can enroll in the online network of Springboard. The first statement can seem weird at first because MOOCs are meant to be worldwide and location-independent. Springboard’s Career Tracks, on the other hand, only promise a job opportunity to graduates who are legally permitted to get employment in the U.S., Canada, or India. It may be possible that this changes in the future, but as of now, only students from these nations are qualified for the guaranteed job offers.

It’s crucial to remember that the platform presently only offers six courses. In addition, due to Springboard’s near-exclusive focus on information science and coding, many students will discover that the platform doesn’t provide many programs that meet their needs. On the other hand, as Springboard begins to form alliances with businesses and industry leaders in various industries, we can anticipate that this may soon change.

The Tuition Cost Of Springboard 

For the majority of prospective students, the main deterrent is the costs associated with using Springboard. Even while a Springboard education is considerably less expensive than a standard degree, you would still need to budget a sizable chunk of money. Although you can save between 16 and 18 percent by paying the complete tuition up front, Springboard also has a number of funding options. The fact that Springboard gives a 100% refund when you’re not satisfied in 7 days and a 100% return if you can’t find employment within six months after graduation is also beneficial. Additionally, Springboard awards grant to women and former service members.

The prices of Springboard’s online programs (if paid in full) are as follows:

  • $5,500 for a data analytics course
  • Course in Data Science: $7,500
  • Course in AI and Machine Learning: $7,940
  • Course in UI/UX Design: $8,200
  • Course on User Experience: $4,900
  • $8,400 for a software engineering course

Additionally, Springboard provides two preparatory programs that are both shorter and less expensive:

  • Course for Software Engineering: $490
  • Data Science Foundations: $490

These preparatory sessions last four to six weeks. They are intended to assist students who require assistance in clearing the entrance exams required for those, as mentioned earlier, full-length online programs offered by Springboard. It is much better, to begin with, the prep courses rather than committing to the full-length Data Science and Software Engineering programs. You will get a flavor of how it is to take classes online at Springboard from them.

A Review Of The Courses Offered At Springboard

These are a few of the highly sought-after courses at Springboard. 

Data Analytics 

And Data analytics professionals from organizations including Amazon, Square, Lyft, and Origin Energy serve as mentors for Springboard’s Data Analytics Bootcamp, which was created in collaboration with Microsoft. Since 2017, data has been recognized as one of the most valuable resources in the world, and it’s a great time to start a career in the sector.

The Springboard Data Analytics program teaches students how to construct research questions, analyze business problems, and present the findings of their data analysis study to stakeholders using tools like Tableau and PowerBi, in addition to data-oriented coding with Python and SQL. 

Data Science 

The mentor roster for the Springboard Data Science program is stacked with A-listers from companies like Google, Instacart, Uber, and Zynga. This level of mentoring is among the course’s major advantages, as is usually the case for Springboard courses.

DataCamp, a fantastic learning resource for everyone looking to learn data science online, is incorporated into the Springboard data science program. You can test out DataCamp for yourself for $30 each month to get a sense of what to anticipate from the course.

AI And Machine Learning 

Students who have some programming skills (1+ years) and wish to become proficient in creating machine learning technology should definitely take Springboard’s AI & Machine Learning course. The syllabus places a lot of emphasis on production engineering, which combines management and production. Students will also have a strong foundation of abilities and understanding of all the procedures required to construct machine learning applications after completing this six-month online class, in addition to engineering sciences.

UI/UX Designing 

The UI/UX Design program instructors on Springboard are UX experts from businesses like Google, Uber, Ford Motor Company, Airbnb, Axonify, and Oracle. As a result, students receive feedback and evaluation that is of a much higher caliber with the help of mentorship from professionals in the field like these than they would in a traditional college setting, where feedback is typically limited to a small group of professors. 

Software Engineering 

One of the most attractive programs on the website, Springboard’s Software Engineering Bootcamp, is taught by specialists from well-known corporations like Google, Uber, Zynga, and Instacart. This online program, which takes 9 months and 800 hours to complete, is quite thorough and on par with a complete Master’s degree.

The program syllabus covers four substantial projects in addition to programming fundamentals. You will have completed at least four significant tasks by the time you graduate that can be used to impress potential employers. Each section of the syllabus concludes with a student project.

Is Springboard Worth It?

In one word: yes! The courses offered at Springboard have top-notch mentors, solid curricula, exceptional student projects, as well as guaranteed job offers for all eligible participants. These four components alone make Springboard a good value for anyone’s money. In addition, compared to several other MOOC platforms that will never refund dissatisfied students, the platform offers a variety of return options, making it a safer investment.

However, the programs’ value on Springboard will greatly rely on your particular circumstances. To determine whether Springboard is worthwhile to you, take into account the following:

  • Are you going to take the guaranteed job? To do so, you must be able to legally work in either India, Canada, or the US.
  • Are you able to pay the tuition? Although there are many benefits to enrolling in a six or nine-month program on Springboard, it’s crucial to assess your financial circumstances and whether you would be able to finance the monthly fees.
  • Do you truly want to pursue a long-term job in the area represented by the course you would like to enroll in? Since Springboard places a strong emphasis on career advancement, securing a new, better-paying position should be at the top of your priority if you intend to enroll in one of their courses.

A Final Word 

In this article, we reviewed the coding Bootcamp Springboard. The number of courses available and the costs for each has been mentioned. 

We hope that this article helps you in deciding whether to enroll in a Springboard course.

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