DataCamp Review: The Factors to Consider Before You Enroll

DataCamp Bootcamp Review–Factors To Consider Before You Enroll 

DataCamp is an online resource that was launched in 2013 and focused on subjects like analytics and data science. There are more than 350 courses available, each taught by among the 260+ knowledgeable instructors from DataCamp and other prestigious institutions, including Duke University.

So, DataCamp can be the ideal online platform for anyone if they’re trying to develop or enhance their data skills. Its interactive classes are created, so individuals may learn at their own pace.

The Learning Methodology At DataCamp 

You might be questioning whether DataCamp is the best platform for you.

It is an online learning environment where you can study data analytics at your own speed. Its four-part learning methodology—Assess, Learn, Practice, and Apply—helps students in having a well-rounded educational experience.

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The Courses At DataCamp 

Its 350+ courses are consumable in bite-sized chunks and combine videos along with interactive exercises to make learning fun. Its courses are divided into three primary categories such as learning new technologies, starting your career, and becoming an expert in a certain skill:

Learn new technologies: By watching brief films that are guided by knowledgeable educators and then putting what you may have learned into practice with hands-on activities. Python, SQL, and R are among the most in-demand technology courses.

Career Tracks: A group of courses chosen by experts in the field to help you improve your data skills and enhance your career. The courses on its Career Track with the most enrollments are Data Analyst and Data Scientist.

Skill Tracks: Gain specific knowledge by studying a skill track, which is, of course, a collection carefully chosen by industry professionals to develop your data abilities. R Programming, Acquiring & Cleaning Data, as well as Data Visualization are some of its most well-liked Skill Track courses.

Can Businesses Join DataCamp?

DataCamp is a versatile online training program for corporations that covers everything from non-coding fundamentals to computer science as well as machine learning. DataCamp has worked with over 2,000 businesses, and 80% of Fortune 1000 use it to upskill their workforce. The main goal of DataCamp for Business is to improve the data-driven decision-making capabilities of your team.

It offers two separate plans: Professional and Enterprise, both of which are available for free demos or free trials. The Professional is priced for each user on a monthly basis and is intended for smaller teams. On the other hand, the Enterprise has a custom fee and is intended for larger enterprises.

DataCamp For Educators 

Datacamp voluntarily offers full access to its 1200+ hours of data science courses for educators at no charge; all you need to do is apply.

By giving instructors free access, Datacamp hopes to equip children with the data literacy they’ll need to succeed in the future. You can delegate tasks to your pupils and keep tabs on their development as a teacher. The application might take several days to be accepted once you’ve submitted it.

Cost Of DataCamp Courses 

 DataCamp uses a subscription-based business strategy and offers a number of different programs. Each learner is free to select among the three customizable plans. The Standard ($25 per month), the Premium ($33.25 per month), or the Free account ($0). Both the Standard and Premium accounts are invoiced annually; consumers can choose the Standard subscription. All users will find it helpful because there is a currency conversion for the pricing in the upper right corner (see the image below).

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Both the Professional and the Enterprise Business Plans are available through DataCamp for Business. The Professional plan requires a minimum of five users and costs $25 per person per month.

Successful businesses like Google, eBay, and Uber have partnered with DataCamp to learn and improve and equip their staff with the information they need to excel in their roles. Your team will like the following benefits of DataCamp courses:

  • make customized learning materials
  • evaluate the results of your online training
  • Get professional assistance
  • offer practical skill development

Is DataCamp Worth The Price? 

DataCamp, in our perspective, is definitely worth the price!

If you pay monthly, the regular plan will run you $15 per month or $12 per month every year.

However, they frequently conduct promotions and provide alluring yearly bundles.

Receive a 65% discount on DataCamp’s Premium Annual Plan.

For top-notch training in Python, R, and SQL, this includes unrestricted access to professional courses, practical learning mode, career opportunities, case analysis, and community assistance – plus, you also receive the mobile app.

Instead of immediately enrolling in a master’s program that costs $25,000 per year, DC enables you to:

  • Test your interest in data science
  • Learn the foundational skills necessary for any data science position.
  • Get inexpensive real-world experience by practicing 
  • Get to know the lecturers and students.
  • Learn useful abilities

And all for a comparatively inexpensive cost!

Will DataCamp Help In Getting A Job? 

Although DataCamp (DC) won’t magically land you a six-figure job, it will help you ace your interviews. In addition, a DataCamp credential will look very impressive on your resume.

Although DataCamp (DC) won’t magically land you a six-figure job, it will assist you in acing your interview. In addition, a DataCamp credential will look very impressive on your resume.

DC is a wonderful starting point if you want to become a data scientist, machine learning expert, and all the other posh careers available.

DataCamp is a fantastic place to learn new skills and hone existing ones.

It’s a quick and inexpensive approach to mastering the fundamentals of data science. 

DataCamp Free vs. Paid 

Datacamp is similar to many internet services in that it offers a free, albeit constrained, component. However, users would have to pay to use the forum, skill track tools, and career tracks to their full potential.

The DataCamp Standard level, which is not free, will now cost $25/month and is payable annually. If you would like to pay upfront for a complete year and therefore can devote your time to using the platform, you have to be committed. The Premium, Professional, as well as Enterprise programs, are additionally available. All charges are annual.

You might get bargains from time to time by searching online.

But starting up for nothing is unquestionably worthwhile for the reasons listed below:

  • to complete seven projects
  • Coding exercises with genuine difficulties
  • One skill evaluation to gauge mastery.
  • Keep in mind that even when you merely move up one level to Standard, you get almost the seven projects, but you also get the forum and mobile app classes, as well as limitless skill assessments and several entire course tracks.

DataCamp For Python 

DataCamp is a fantastic resource for learning Python. 

Students on DataCamp study Python through practical programming assignments using an online code editor.

However, it’s important to note that DataCamp teaches Python more specifically in the context of computer science than overall programming.

DataCamp has proven to be a great resource for online data science as well as analytics education.

DataCamp gives both people, and companies access to a wide selection of excellent virtual classrooms in Python, R, as well as SQL. 

DataCamp Pros & Cons 


Engaging & Interactive

With several videos and interesting assignments to complete, DataCamp courses emphasize interactive learning.

Experts with Experience

More than 260 specialists in data science and analytics.

Free Program Providing a Start For Access to the first sections of courses and tests is provided by a free plan.

Simple pricing structures

A page with a basic and clear price structure is rather welcome, given that not all online platforms are as open.

Wide Range DataCamp welcomes both novices and more experienced students. Everyone can find something.


Insufficient Detail in the Video

You can feel as though you are lacking something because DataCamps’ video lectures are too brief or don’t go into enough detail.

Tips For Finding YOUR Course On DataCamp 

Suppose you’re unsure about your best course of study. Here are a few suggestions to assist you in selecting the right course for you.

Career & Skill Tracks

The DataCamp Curriculum Team has created learning modules referred to as “Tracks,” of which there are two types: skill tracks as well as career tracks. You can acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for your chosen career, with each section encompassing a series of lessons that you must attend and complete.

Skill Tracks are groups of three to seven courses that concentrate on complementary abilities in different programming languages. Its courses were chosen with intermediate and advanced students in mind.

Career Tracks have a course load of 12 to 30 credits and start with introductory Python, R, and SQL classes that cover fundamental concepts before moving on to more in-depth and specialized material.

Description of Achievement

A Certificate of Accomplishment shall be given to you without charge after you have finished a Track. As long as you finish the course properly, you are allowed to download it, giving you the option to manually post it on your LinkedIn profile.

When you complete these modules, analyze how your journey has been and whether you want to continue learning with DataCamp. 

A Final Word 

This article gave an insightful review of DataCamp Bootcamp. You can find both paid and free versions of courses on the DataCamp website. 

We hope that this review helps you in making your admission decision easier!

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