Thinkful Bootcamp Review: All the Ins and Outs in One Place

Thinkful Bootcamp Review–Is It Worth It?

So you’ve finally decided to enroll in a Bootcamp. However, with the number of bootcamps emerging each week, it can be difficult to select one. Therefore, before you get into any Bootcamp, it’s important to gather information about different Bootcamps and compare them to make an informed decision. 

Let’s look at the Bootcamp ‘Thinkful,’ which is among the top-rated ones. With this guide, you’ll be able to make your decision of whether to enroll yourself in it. 

What Is Thinkful? 

Every learner has access to Thinkful, a Chegg service, which offers a path to a fulfilling profession. Fast-paced, employment-focused courses in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Analytics, UX/UI Designing, Digital Marketing, as well as Project Management are available through this online Bootcamp. Both part-time, and full-time options, are available for these programs, in the part-time style, students can put in 20–25 hours each week; whereas, in the full-time version, they can put in about 60 hours. In addition, personal mentor sessions, a curriculum that is created especially for each program, and Q&A discussions with business leaders are all included.

Students not only gain the most key industry skills but also gain one-on-one mentoring and career support from the moment they enroll. Following graduation or until they land a job, students continue to receive individualized support from a committed career coach for an additional six months. Each graduate comes prepared for the job market with a professional resume, interview experience, and other resources. Students can get on-demand assistance and develop a professional network by joining a community of more than 3,000 educators and mentors.

Additionally, Thinkful provides a growing selection of flexible payment methods. As a result, intelligent students can successfully complete some part-time programs even if they intend to continue working at their current job because they are encouraged to balance lifestyle and learning. Furthermore, they have worldwide access to the course contents.

The Curriculum At Thinkful 

The Coding Bootcamp at Thinkful is a completely online course with five sections:

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These lectures include concepts and practical abilities that are needed to find employment.

In addition, the Thinkful coding Bootcamp is less expensive than an Udemy course, like any other reputable coding Bootcamp.

Payment plans and reductions are available for all those who pass, and it costs only a few thousand dollars.

Benefits Of The Thinkful Bootcamp 

Here are a few benefits of the Thinkful Bootcamp. 

Personalized Mentorship 

There are various learning platforms out there, but the best thing about Thinkful is that they offer personalized coaching.

You can partner with a mentor or a coding instructor and go through the learning journey with their help. Thinkful has more than 280 mentors who have extensive practical experience, so you will get many tips and tricks. 

As compared to big and small classrooms, personalized teaching is effective because each session is filled with two-way conversations about progress as well as roadblocks. 

Career Prospects 

The Thinkful Bootcamp boasts the following intriguing statistics:

  • You are given a job guarantee backed by a fee refund assurance. 
  • They assist you in being interview-ready.
  • They connect you to businesses that are looking to hire.
  • Work with a career advisor one-on-one for six months or until you land a job.
  • According to student reports, the average wage gain was $21,137.
  • In 180 days of graduation, graduates had an employment rate of over 80%.
  • There are thousands of training platforms available, but what is interesting about Thinkful is that it provides individualized instruction.
  • This means that you will be paired with a mentor (a coding instructor) who will guide you throughout the practical learning phases of your trip.
  • They have more than 7,000 pupils presently and have a great reputation.
  • Very few venues for online Bootcamp learning are as open about their achievements as Thinkful.
  • The fact that they use outside auditors to verify and corroborate their statements is a useful difference.


Only a few online learning platforms, such as Thinkful, are open about their achievements.

The fact that they use independent auditors to verify and corroborate their statements is a strong distinction.

A Few Factors To Consider 

Tuition Refund Policy 

Suppose you don’t find employment within six months of graduating. Thinkful guarantees a tuition refund because they are so confident in their program. According to their website:

Every participant of our Web Development Bootcamp receives a job guarantee.

If you invest in the effort, we’re sure you can get employment as a developer. You will obtain a complete refund if you fulfill our graduation requirements but are unable to find employment in the following six months.

What specifically is the “graduation criteria” is a great topic right now.

Beginners in such programs frequently believe that getting a complete refund will be simple and straightforward.

However, receiving a refund is really like taking a course all by itself.

The whole list of requirements for receiving a refund is available here: 

  • You must finish all criteria and course work in order to graduate from the program within the anticipated time frame (for example, six months).
  • Upon program completion, participants must be at least 21 years old, US citizens or holders of green cards, and possess English language proficiency as determined by Thinkful personnel.
  • Apply for at least ten jobs per week, log your job hunting activity utilizing their Job Tracker, then show the records to every coaching session, join coaching sessions once a week through phone or email, and more. You should also work with your trainer to create a unique job search strategy.

One may argue that these measures are being taken to ensure that you’re actively seeking employment and improving your employment prospects.

In the end, these requirements benefit you, but you must consider this when deciding whether to attend the Bootcamp.

What Students Have To Say About Thinkful 

Thankful is the best Bootcamp on CourseReport, with a 92 percent satisfaction level (4.6/5) from more than 850 reviews.

These statistics from so many pupils are amazing, especially when you compare them.

Nobody is more qualified to discuss the Bootcamp than the real participants.

Here are a few brief reviews:

Thinkful’s courses are among the greatest and most difficult online for anyone considering enrolling in a programming Bootcamp!

– Joe H

The mentorship, which goes far beyond the course material itself, is what I considered to be the best aspect of the whole experience. Any tech professional beginning or intermediate tech professional should definitely check out Thinkful.


This course is not like college or another school, but it is for the committed and motivated. Working with actual industry experts who can instruct you on everything you need to know can help you succeed.

-A. Ericson

In my previous attempts to learn how to program, I frequently ran into a brick wall. Without assistance in understanding such concepts, I would simply give up and conclude that “I’m really not good at programming.” However, every time such walls arise, I’m capable of breaking through before the thought of quitting ever enters my head, thanks to the opportunity to meet with my supervisor three times a week.

-G. Van Buren

Moment Of Truth: Is Thinkful Worth The Price? 

This program is not like a university and is only for the committed and motivated. Worth is a unique concept. Who is right? A sports automobile may be absurd to some, yet it may justify the exorbitant price to others.

There are several fashion brands that are not “worth” their cost, but we don’t see many of them going out of business either.

But how can the “value” of something be determined if it has the potential to genuinely alter your life and future?

Is investing roughly one-tenth of the average developer compensation, which ranges from $70,000 to $85,000, worthwhile?

The option is to pay tuition during 2-4 years for more than $60,000 and then still have the risk lurking around of not landing a job. 

Is Thinkful Equivalent To A Degree? 

Thinkful answers this appropriately themselves:

“A career as a coder is not something you can achieve with a certificate or degree. We don’t want to imply that college is unimportant. What we’re trying to imply is that if you learn, practice, and create actual software, your chances of landing a developer job increase by roughly a thousand. Additionally, we think you’ll be better equipped as platforms and languages continue to evolve.”

A Few Pros And Cons Of Thinkful 


  • They guarantee you a job. 
  • There are workshops every week.
  • You and a mentor have regular meetings.
  • Your Slack community is excellent.
  • You adhere to a regular schedule.
  • You partner with a professional coach. 
  • You are a member of a tested, successful program.


  • You must exercise extreme discipline.
  • It is expensive. Hundreds of dollars typically

A Final Word 

This article gave an in-depth review of Thinkful Coding Bootcamp. If you’re determined to become a developer, Bootcamp would be beneficial for you. However, the downside to the program is that it is pricey.

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