Metis Review: Is It Worth Your Attention?

Metis Bootcamp Review–Is It Worth It? 

The Metis data science Bootcamp can be an excellent fit for you if you’re willing to enter the big data industry to work in data science or as a data analyst. First, read the Metis reviews to determine if their intense Bootcamp is the correct fit for you. Then, we’ll talk about the available courses, financing options, career counseling, and locations.

About Metis 

Metis is a Bootcamp for data science and analytics. Metis online programs offer devoted one-on-one tutor support and give students the freedom to choose their own schedules. Data science, analytics, data engineering and science, and computer science and machine learning are all topics covered in Metis programs. 

A private loan via Ascent or Climb Credit, a cash payment, or three installments are all acceptable payment methods for Metis. The price of your Bootcamp program can be reduced by applying for a Metis grant, even though there is no Metis deferring tuition option.

The ACCET has recognized Metis as a school. As one condition for this accreditation, the Metis career placement rate must be at least 70% within months of graduation. A significant portion of Metis students find full-time employment in the information science industry. Metis offers strong career assistance to assist graduates in advancing in their chosen profession.

For their part-time programs, Metis Bootcamp preparation takes about 60 hours. It mainly takes the form of video lectures and gives pupils fundamental knowledge. A Metis Bootcamp preparation course titled Beginner Python as well as Math for Data Science is also available. Absolute beginners who want to enroll in the main program will find it ideal.

What Is The Price Of Metis?

Metis courses can cost anywhere from $750 to $18,500. The course structure, timing, and manner of delivery all affect how much tuition will cost.

How to Finance Metis: Installments, ISAs, and Scholarships

To make its tuition more affordable for its students, Metis offers a variety of payment arrangements. Scholarships, up-front payments, mortgage financing, and monthly bills are a few examples.


If you are unable to pay for your training upfront, scholarships are the ideal solution. Each batch of the Bootcamp receives up to 30 grants from Metis. These are distributed to underrepresented groups, including women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and BIPOC. Veterans and active US military personnel are also eligible for scholarships from them.

For its data analytics boot camp, Metis now offers a scholarship worth $2,000, and for its data engineering and science Bootcamp, $3,000, as well as data science and machine learning Bootcamp, $3,000, respectively.


Sadly, Metis does not provide revenue share contracts at this time (ISAs). With ISAs, you can enroll in the program for no cost or for a low upfront cost and just pay back the fees once you land a job.

Finance for Loans

Metis collaborates with lenders like Climb Credit and Ascent to provide you with assistance in selecting the best loan financing option. Loan financing is a great choice for people who wish to participate in their studies but lack the initial cash to do so. For loan financing, you must be in excellent financial standing.


An installment payment option is also available from Metis. After signing the enrollment agreement, you will have seven days to submit a $1,500 down payment. After making the payment, you can spread out the remaining balance into three monthly payments.

GI Bills 

METIS accepts GI Bills. Veterans can utilize their GI Bill benefits to pay for training and education. Additionally, it provides scholarships and tuition discounts to veterans up to $3,000 in value.

Locations of Metis

Numerous online flex, live on the internet, as well as in-person courses are available from Metis.

  • New York Metis
  • San Francisco Metis
  • Online Metis

The Courses At Metis 

Metis is the spot for you if you’re searching for a new start in data science. The Metis prep classes will get you up to pace on the arithmetic and Python topics you need to learn, even if you have no prior expertise with data.

If you have prior data expertise, you can enroll directly in the bootcamps. Metis also provides quick courses that will help data professionals expand their knowledge in particular areas of data science.

Online Data Analytics

The Metis Data Analytics Bootcamp is the quickest and least priced program available, lasting only six weeks. However, it still instructs students in data analysis while assisting them in creating a portfolio to present to potential employers.

Students first learn how to web scrape, plot regression analysis, and analyze corporate data using Python and SQL over the span of six weeks before understanding how to present the data, manage a project, and comprehend the ethical aspects of their data.

Online Data Science

An in-depth version of the Data Analytics course with new topics added in a lengthier format is the 10-week Metis Data Science Bootcamp. Over the course of six weeks, students enter by studying the same technologies as the Data Analytics Bootcamp.

They study categorization using machine learning, language processing, and supervised and unsupervised learning during the course of the following four weeks.

Online Data Science & Engineering

In contrast to the preceding courses, this 10-week data science course prepares learners to work as data engineers rather than data scientists or data analysts. In order to do this, the curriculum for this Bootcamp does away with the topics of corporate data analysis, ethics, as well as presentation.

In order to equip them to design the platforms that data analysts and researchers use to evaluate data and draw conclusions, students will learn about advanced coding, cloud computing, and big data.

Online Data Science & Machine Learning

This 14-week course expands on the data science program by giving a stronger emphasis on machine learning tools. The students cover the entire data science curriculum, but after ten weeks, they transition to the machine learning materials.

Deep learning basics like neural networks as well as sequence modeling are covered in class for two weeks. Then, in the final two weeks, the focus shifts to classes on cloud computing, advanced coding, and big data.

Online Short Immersive Courses

In two weeks, these courses assist students in improving their skills in particular data science or machine learning concepts. Basics of deep learning, data exploration, and linear regression are some topics covered in these stand-alone courses from the lengthier bootcamps.

How To Enroll In Metis 

Although Metis deems its Data Science Bootcamp exclusive, every student has an equal chance to succeed. A wide range of preparatory courses is available to help prospective Metis applicants get ready for the demanding technical requirements they would encounter during the application procedure.

Application Process for Metis

To assess potential students, Metis uses a three-step application procedure.

Your online application needs to get submitted before the admissions committee considers it. Your professional and educational history, practical expertise, and post-graduation ambitions are all covered in the application.

The applications team will contact you to schedule a 30-minute non-technical interview if your application is accepted. This interview aids Metis in determining whether you’re a suitable fit for the program personally and whether it can help you achieve your goals.

If you make it to the final stage, you’ll be asked to finish a three-hour technical challenge that involves algebra, calculus, statistics, analytics, and Python. You’ll find out within two business days if you’ve been admitted into the program.

Interview Questions for Metis

Metis evaluates candidates during the course of the three-stage process based on six criteria:

programming expertise, math proficiency

talents in communication

Curiosity, grit, and enthusiasm as personality attributes drive me to enroll in the Bootcamp.

Potentially compatible with Metis overall.

How To Prepare For Metis 

Metis offers three preparatory courses, and they are offered in succession. Therefore, candidates have what they need to ace the technical aspect of the Metis registration process if they take these three courses in that order.

Admissions Prep: In this free, self-paced introduction course, students learn the fundamentals of Python while receiving a primer on the arithmetic subjects they’ll need throughout the program. The only basic principles needed to begin the curriculum are linear algebra, mathematics, probability, and statistics, which will all be covered by the students.

This part-time course expands on the Admission Prep course by introducing complex Python tools such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. The Python fundamentals required to master the application are entirely covered in this course. Although there are no requirements for taking this course, taking the Admissions Prep course beforehand is a good idea.

The most sophisticated of the three courses, Introduction to Data Science, teaches students the fundamentals of big data, machine learning, coding, and other technology they’ll need for the Bootcamp process. You must have a robust foundation in math and Python from earlier prep courses before diving into this one because it only addresses a portion of those topics.

The Final Verdict 

If you’re certain that a job in data science is what you want to pursue, Metis is worthwhile. Students receive access to career development resources, practice interviews, and a state-of-the-art curriculum. Graduates can indeed make use of Metis’ extensive network of recruiting partners.

However, Metis is only for those who want to begin a career in data. Metis won’t be able to assist you if you’re fascinated by other computer science disciplines like software engineering or UX/UI design.

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