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Flatiron School Review: What, Why, and How

Flatiron School Bootcamp Review

Flatiron School Bootcamp is ideal for you if you want to build your IT professional career. You can avail this Bootcamp worldwide, making your way smoother to a successful career in your desired field. Enrolling in this coding Bootcamp will help you learn new things and polish your skills to land in a better place after graduation.

What is Flatiron School?

Flatiron School offers intensive educational bootcamps in a range of IT fields. The four primary Boot Camp programs that Flatiron School has to offer seek to assist you in initiating a career in technology.

Providing a solid structure for the career services and having been committed to one-on-one sessions with the experts after graduation will serve as a bonus. These intensive courses are meant to make students capable enough to enter meaningful careers.

We are here to give a Flatiron School review which will provide you with an overview of Flatiron’s boot camps as we will discuss all the essential information regarding their sessions.

What courses does Flatiron School offer?

The categories that Flatiron Coding concentrates on are data science, cybersecurity engineering, product design, and software engineering. The paid Bootcamp programs offered by Flatiron don’t restrict applicants; they can join even if they have no prior experience in that particular field. However, some may require you to finish pre-work tasks when you get enrolled.

Free Lessons:

The information given in these sessions is carefully chosen to aid in your mental preparation for navigating the techno world. Some of the school’s initial courses are as follows: 

  1. Introduction to Data Science: in this, learners are taught about the basic data science in Python, binomial distribution, and data visualization to make the candidate familiar with the basic data science topics. Also, giving an overview of the Bootcamp experience.
  2. Intro to Coding: You can use these coding tutorials to explore the fundamentals of CSS, HTML, Ruby, API Integration, and JavaScript. There is no cost at all for the lessons.
  3. Intro to Product Design: In this lesson, you’ll learn about this innovative area of technology that blends design thinking, user experience (UX), and basic principles of simple design to create user-friendly virtual products.

Paid lessons:

Since you know about the free introductory lessons, now explore the four paid lessons that Flatiron school offers.

Product Design

This Bootcamp at Flatiron School consists of two consecutive studio sessions that produce product design deliverables as well as UX and UI process courses. All the students are required to assemble a portfolio of projects by the end of the course.

  • Cost of the lesson: $16,900
  • Outcomes: initial job package of an average of $72,111
  • Requirements for admission: 18 or plus 18, have a high school diploma or GED certificate, and must be fluent in English. The candidate must clear the interview and admissions assessment.

Cybersecurity Engineering

This cybersecurity engineering Bootcamp teaches Python, network security, applied cryptography, and threat intelligence. Once the course is done, the students will have a final project that includes data analysis, application installation, and simulated scenarios. By the end of the Bootcamp, the participants will be able to join entry-level positions as engineers, security consultants, and analysts.

  • Cost of the lesson: $16,900
  • Admission Requirements: 18 years old or older, must have a high school diploma or even a GED certificate, fluent in English. Must clear the non-technical interview and admissions assessment

Data Science

Data engineering and analysis, scientific computing, machine learning, and quantitative techniques are all covered in this data science program. In addition, students must produce substantial projects for the final capstone project.

  • Cost: $16,900
  • Student Outcomes: average salary of 86% of $85,737
  • Admission Requirements: 18 years or older. Must have a high school diploma or GED certificate, fluent in English. The school will conduct a non-technical interview and admissions assessment. The applicant is required to have 20-40 pre-work hours.

Software Engineering

The school conducts classes on back-end development, front-end development, and back-end web APIs when enrolled in the software engineering Bootcamp, fostering the development of solid coding abilities. Throughout the program, students work on numerous group projects, which enables them to learn new things.

  • Cost of the course: $16,900
  • Student Outcomes: starting salary packages are of an average of $66,657
  • Admission Requirements: not younger than 18 years, GED certificate or high school diploma, must be fluent in English, applicants will go through a non-technical interview, one admissions assessment of 15 mins, and 40 hours pre-work.

What Is the Flatiron School Schedule?

Flatiron School has flexible learning options, from 15 to 60 weeks. Below are some Flatiron School schedules you can explore.


Forty hours per week for approximately 15 weeks are required when opting for a full-time program. The full-time program is extremely rigorous and demands complete dedication to achieve. Therefore, if you don’t have any extra work and can invest in time, and are motivated to pick up new skills, then this Bootcamp is ideal for you. You can change your profession and life in just a matter of months.

Learn at your own pace

Depending on your preferred pace, the part-time courses can be completed in either 20, 40, or even 60 weeks. These alternatives can accommodate any timetable. In addition, there are timed and self-paced course options. If you’re a full-time student or currently employed, then this is ideal for you. You can manage your studying and your work while learning through these courses.

Payment Methods for Flatiron School: 

Different financing alternatives are available from Flatiron School to keep everything within your reach. Following are a few paying methods:

Upfront Payment

Upfront payment means that the candidate can pay all the amount after the admissions. If you have the total amount in hand, then this would be the best option as it takes off the stress of paying every month, a one-time investment.


If you don’t have the whole payment, then you can opt for a 12-months installment plan via EdAid. With this, you will pay a specific amount each month for a year.

Loan Financing

Flatiron School has collaborated with many loan providers. Having them on board enables the students to get the funds they require. Skills Fund and Ascent Funding are also available to give eligible students a free hand on payment. The Skills Fund enables the students to pay their bills for up to 36 months, whereas the ascent funding gives you the flexibility to pay up to 42 months.


Flatiron School offers scholarships for students to empower them from diverse backgrounds in order to break into the techno world if you fit the criteria of the scholarship, then students can get enrolled in their desired courses without any deposit.

How to get enrolled in Flatiron School?

To get enrolled in Flatiron School, first, you are required to write a compelling application. The application must demonstrate the relevant qualities to persuade the admin and team. You need to give your best in order to stand out as they have plenty of applications to look for. Therefore, ensure that your application reflects your interest in the course, passion, and determination. 

Students come from diverse backgrounds to seek knowledge; hence Flatiron School stresses the qualities like passion, attitude, and their potential to make the most of the teachings. However, you must have a high school diploma or any equivalent certificate to get enrolled.

Application Process

Once you submit your application, you are supposed to introduce yourself. Tell about yourself, the reasons why you chose this platform, and why you want to opt for a new career.

 During this application process, you will have a peak admissions representative in front of you for a non-technical interview making you a little comfortable so that you can lead to a friendly conversation. After this session, you will have a 15 mins assessment in which you are to answer the questions critically.

If you have cleared this exam, you will receive an email from the admin within four business days after your exam.

Interview Questions

With this, the admissions committee learns more about your background and objectives. Keep in mind that the admissions staff is concerned with ensuring that you possess the abilities and traits required for their demanding tech programs. So, prepare accordingly. Following are some potential interviewing areas that may be considered in the interviews

  • Career goals
  • Career background
  • Exhibited a desire to learn new things
  • Technical questions
  • having completed the free courses at Flatiron School or other pertinent training

Is Flatiron School the best choice?

Anyone aspiring to become a data scientist, expert software engineer, product designer, or cybersecurity specialist should attend Flatiron School. At the same time, for those people who are looking to transition into tech employment, the courses offered by them are ideal. It aids novices in honing their competitive abilities.

The results of its graduates evidence the success of Flatiron School. However, not to be biased above, the review is stated for you in detail to help you evaluate if it fits your pattern or not. Their courses are game changers for both professionals and students. So, if you’re prepared to advance your tech profession, you should apply to Flatiron School today.

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