Lambda School Review: All the Ins and Outs in One Place

Lambda Bootcamp Review–Courses, Costs, And Career Prospects 

On its homepage, Lambda describes itself as “the online coding school that invests in you.” The critical word here is “invests in you.” Lambda doesn’t charge tuition until the students secure a high-paying position in technology, in contrast to the majority of bootcamps and institutions that demand upfront tuition.

Many people are drawn to this novel approach to teaching. As a result, the school’s enrollment almost doubled from 2019 to roughly 3,000 students in October 2020, and this figure has probably increased significantly since then.

Students are drawn to Lambda School for many reasons other than only the absence of upfront expenditures. Bootcamp’s curriculum deserves consideration as well.

Lambda School now provides data science as well as full stack web development courses. Both courses are live (you must physically attend class each day), full-time and part-time; because of Lambda School’s extensive career center, they almost guarantee employment upon completion.

Admission Process At Lambda School 

Unlike any other computer training institution or Bootcamp we’ve visited, the Lambda School’s learning environment is unique.

Additionally, Lambda School offers both comprehensive and part-time courses. For six months, participants in full-time courses are required to attend classes from 8 am to 5 pm Pacific Time (PT) on Monday through Friday.

But on the other hand, participants in part-time programs are required to attend classes every Monday to Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm PT in addition to one day on the weekend (either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). For part-time learners, there is also an alternative plan available. 

Basically, enrolling and attending Lambda School entails the following actions:

  • Send in your application
  • Take the evaluation
  • Complete your enrollment, then go to Lambda Launch.
  • Attend the class and finish the entire “sprint.”
  • Engage in the sprint challenge.
  • Sprint again if required
  • Take part in Build Week.
  • Participation in the Lambda Labs
  • Get your completion certificate.

ISA With Lambda Bootcamp 

Most students who enroll at Lambda School accept an income-sharing agreement instead of paying tuition (ISA). ISAs require students to contribute a portion of their potential earnings as a substitute for student loans.

You only have to enter an ISA with Lambda if you earn $50,000 or more annually and agree to pay 17 percent of your annual pay for two years after getting hired in the software industry. After that, the maximum sum of payments is $30,000 overall.

You won’t ever be required to pay if you still haven’t been recruited for a technical post after six years of deferred compensation. Similar to this, Lambda School suspends payments without adding interest in the event that you land a job but later lose it or quit.

It should be noted that ISAs are exclusively offered to those who reside in the United States and are DACA recipients, U.S. citizens, or permanent residents.

California’s residents are not authorized for ISAs. However, they can use alternative financing forms, most prominently the California Retail Installment Contract (RIC). In contrast to the ISA, Californian pupils under the RIC will always be required to pay back $30,000, no matter how long it takes.

It contradicts the school’s assertion that it only generates money when its pupils make money, but Lambda School might sell at least part of its students’ ISAs to investors.

The Cost Of Lambda School 

You can pay the complete tuition upfront or three payments if you don’t want to postpone it.

The state that students reside in affects the cost of tuition. For example, tuition is $30,000 for Texas, Georgia, California, and Washington, D.C residents.

In contrast, tuition is $15,000 for students who live in all the other states and nations outside the United States.

The Courses At Lambda School 

Currently, Lambda School provides two programs:

  • Data Science course 
  • Full Stack web development course

Let’s examine each one individually.

Data Science Program 

The Data Science course at Lambda School teaches you, among many other things, how to analyze data, organize and store information employing data structures, and convey your ideas.

Graduates of this course may pursue careers as data scientists, industry experts, data analysts, and executives in digital marketing.

The following topics make up the program:

  • Data manipulation, linear algebra, as well as statistical testing 
  • Linear models, model evaluation, and applied modeling 
  • Data engineering: databases and SQL.
  • Natural language processing and the neural network underpinnings in machine learning.
  • Python, object-oriented programming, data structures, and algorithms in computer science.
  • Labs: Assembling a small team to develop a practical project.
  • At the conclusion of this course, learners receive significant career assistance to locate entry-level employment, just like in the Full Stack Website Development course.

Full-Stack Web Development Program 

You can learn both front-end development (creating the portion of the site that people interact with) and backend development from Lambda School’s Full Stack Web Development Course (working behind the scenes of what happens when users interact with a website).

Students study backend development technologies in addition to front-end development languages, such as JavaScript and React. After completion, candidates can access work in backend technologies, mobile development, software engineering, and computer science.

The following topics make up the program:

  • HTML, Java, Git, CSS, and UI Principles comprise the web’s foundations. React, Ajax, and Redux, are in web application development.
  • Learn advanced React in Advanced Web Development. 
  • Back-end development: Node.js or Java fundamentals.
  • Python as well as object-oriented programming 
  • Labs: Assembling a small team to develop a practical project.
  • After finishing the full course, Lambda School will continue to assist you in your job search for positions in computer engineering, software engineering, or other related fields.

The Pros And Cons Of Attending Lambda School 

Pros Of Lambda School 

The advantages of Lambda School over its rivals are numerous. 

Zero Upfront Costs

Most students are attracted to Lambda School mostly because of its ISAs. The upfront cost of tuition is waived for students who sign an ISA. Rather, once they land a job that pays $50,000 or more annually, students have to pay 17% of their compensation.

Furthermore, students who don’t find work opportunities within 60 months won’t owe anything apart from California citizens.

As the company’s creator, Allred put it in a Medium article, “Why should we be rewarded if we guarantee somebody that our education would help them get a job, and we’re mistaken about that?”

Part-time and full-time courses 

Courses are available at Lambda School on a full- and part-time basis.

You may choose the part-time option if you find it impossible to study for eight hours per day, five days per week. However, it’s a much more manageable alternative for learners with other obligations for three hours every day for five days.

Good-quality courses

The curriculum for each program is created with assistance from hiring managers and industry professionals working in computer science, software development, and other technical fields. Numerous real-world projects are also part of the curriculum to help students prepare for the job.

Perpetual Innovation

Lambda School has made many changes throughout the years, such as new teaching techniques and the Living Stipend Program (a program that has been terminated currently).

Even though some modifications haven’t been well received by the kids, Allred and the team’s continued innovation shows that they pay close attention to student input and consider it when making decisions about how to manage the school.

An Opportunity For Financial Gain

Lambda School has a lot of requirements. Resultantly, you probably won’t be able to work, even part-time, if you decide to enroll in one of its comprehensive courses. For students who are struggling financially, this can be a problem.

However, becoming a team head is one of Lambda School’s funding choices. A team lead’s main responsibilities include facilitating group discussions, checking in with other learners, taking attendance, and responding to inquiries. Team leaders make about $13 per hour.

The High Success Rate For Students’ Careers

You wouldn’t need to rely on luck in the employment market if you graduated from Lambda School. Pupils at Lambda Schools have a good probability of landing a tech job because of the school’s career-focused curriculum (think of things like job preparation and practice interviews) and employment alliances.

79 percent of the 284 students graduating from Lambda Institute in 2019 found employment, as per the Lambda School Outcomes Report. Over half of these had jobs 90 days after graduating, and over 80% had annual salaries of more than $50,000. In addition, several Lambda School alums are now employed by Fortune 100 firms and renowned startups, including Microsoft, Google, Goldman Sachs, HubSpot, IBM, and Coinbase.

The Negative Aspects of Lambda School

No Bootcamp or online school company is perfect. Lambda School may make a lot of changes to better what it offers.

Incredibly Competitive

Not everyone who applies to the Lambda School is approved due to the strict admission process. In fact, only 7% of candidates are accepted into each cohort, according to Lambda School.

Is Lambda Bootcamp Worth It? 

There is little doubt that Lambda School is not for everyone. It isn’t adaptable in the sense of online tech education providers, which is sure to turn off a lot of individuals. Depending on whether you want the comprehensive or part-time course, the framework is demanding, and the ensuing months will undoubtedly be challenging and taxing.

But precisely, and that’s what makes Lambda Institute so fantastic. Although challenging, it’s worthwhile. You’re there to study and be pushed at the end of the day.

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